You Can Trust Redodo Batteries!

High Standards of Protection - Certifications Endorse the Quality and Safety of Redodo Batteries

We are well aware of the critical importance of battery safety and quality to our customers. To ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards, Redodo batteries undergo rigorous testing, including performance testing, safety testing, and reliability testing, among others. We actively pursue and obtain several significant certifications that guarantee the safe and reliable use of our batteries in various applications.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

To ensure that our batteries meet the highest quality standards, Redodo strictly adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. This means that we have a mature and comprehensive set of quality management and environmental management processes in place, covering the requirements for lithium battery research and development, production, and quality control. The safety and reliability of product quality ensure that your batteries can operate continuously for a long time.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certification

Redodo strictly adheres to the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. We have implemented a series of measures to reduce environmental impact in our production processes, including improving resource utilization, minimizing the generation of pollutants, and enhancing energy efficiency, among others. We assure our customers that our products not only meet high-quality requirements but also actively fulfill corporate social responsibility.

UL-1973 Certification

UL-1973 certification ensures that our products comply with global battery safety standards and have undergone rigorous safety testing. Our products have been tested and certified according to the UL-1973 testing standards for design, production, and performance to ensure customer safety during use.

FCC, CE, and ROHS Certifications

FCC, CE, and ROHS certifications are compliance standards for electronic and electrical products. FCC certification indicates that our products comply with the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission regarding radio frequency interference. CE certification signifies that our products meet the essential requirements of the European Union's "New Approach to Technical Harmonization and Standards" directive. ROHS certification demonstrates that our products comply with the requirements of the Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. These certifications ensure that our products can be legally sold globally and meet regulatory requirements in various regions.

PSE Certification

PSE certification is the safety certification for electrical products in Japan. Obtaining PSE certification means that our products comply with the safety standards for electrical products in Japan and can be sold and used in the Japanese market. This further confirms the safety and reliability of our products.

UN38.3 Certification

UN38.3 refers to Section 38.3 of the United Nations Manual of Tests and Criteria for the transportation of dangerous goods, specifically for lithium battery products. It outlines the requirements that lithium batteries must undergo before transportation, including rigorous testing such as simulated altitude, temperature cycling, vibration, shock, external short circuit at 55℃, impact, overcharge, and forced discharge tests. If the lithium batteries are not installed in the equipment, they must also pass a 1.2-meter free fall test. Our lithium battery products have obtained UN38.3 certification, indicating that they meet the international safety requirements for the transportation of goods. This ensures that our products can be safely transported to various locations worldwide, guaranteeing the safety of product transportation.

Through multiple certifications obtained for our products, the quality and safety of our products have been thoroughly validated. This demonstrates our brand's commitment to exceptional quality and safety, as well as our strict adherence to international standards and regulations throughout the product design, production, and transportation processes. You can confidently purchase our products because they meet the highest quality requirements and have undergone rigorous safety testing and certification. We will continue to strive for continuous improvement in product quality and safety to provide you with a better user experience and satisfaction.