【Only $1187】Redodo 12V 410Ah Lithium Battery: Budget-Friendly Powerhouse
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW Redodo Power

【Only $1187】Redodo 12V 410Ah Lithium Battery: Budget-Friendly Powerhouse

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【5.248kWh Large Energy & 3200W Max. Load Power】With 5.248kWh of energy and a max load power of 3200W, Redodo 410ah battery ensures full coverage for your electronics. Enjoy 6.5 hours of AC power (800W) on scorching summer days!

【Minimize Space by 40% and No Extra Wiring】Each 12V 410 amp hour lithium battery has a larger capacity than the punch of four 12V 100Ah units while saving 40% of the space, eliminating the need for extra wiring and voltage balancing, making installation a breeze. Plus, it's sized just right at group 8D. Get ready for convenience and power all in one package!

【Max. 83.968kWh Perfect for Solar Off-Grid】Redodo 410ah deep cycle battery is easily expandable, allowing parallel and series connections for larger capacity (up to 1640Ah) and higher voltage (up to 51.2V). With a maximum energy of 83.968kWh(4P4S) and load power of 51.2kW, it's the ideal choice for large-sized RVs, Sailboats and Yachts, Skoolies, Cabins, and home battery backup.

【Fastest 5-Hour Charging】With a recommended current of 20~80A (0.2C), the Redodo 410Ah lithium battery reaches its fastest charge in around 5 hours. It supports multiple charging methods, including LiFePO4 battery charger (0.2C), generator and DC to DC charger, as well as solar panel and controller.

【10-Year Lifetime & 4000+ Long Cycles】The Redodo 410Ah battery offers over 4000 cycles and a 10-year lifetime, backed by a 5-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Each lithium battery undergoes 100% testing before shipping, featuring Grade A LiFePO4 Cells for higher energy density and UL-certified safety. Get it worry-free!
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Impressive Game Changer, Widely Praised by Users

So far so good. Very impressed with the batteries. I went 30 hours and only down to 50%. Charged back fast too. The old batteries would do 18 hours and took up more space.

—— David

Added two of these for my house solar. Everything from talking to the sales and customer service was absolutely phenomenal. Quick shipping and again the customer service was awesome. You just don’t get this kinda service anymore. It’s a huge relief dealing with such a professional company. I will be adding more lithium and this is where I’m staying. Redodo is my source! Beyond pleased!

—— Capt Kevin

A huge upgrade! It truly will be a game changer.

Redodo 12V 400Ah deep cycle solar batteries -2
Redodo deep cycle 400ah battery -3
Redodo 12.8V 400Ah 4000+ deep cycle battery 12V
Redodo 12V 400Ah lithium battery with charger

40Amp LiFePO4 Battery Charger

Regarding the charger, we recommend battery charger that supports LiFePO4 battery charging. To fully charge the battery, the DC charging voltage should be between 14.2V~14.6V, and charging current less than 100A. And we usually recommend 0.2C charging current, that is 40A charging current and it will cost around 5hrs to full charged it.

Redodo 12V 400Ah solar storage battery

Green Solar Charging

Recommended Solar Panels: ≥600W, it will cost around 1day to full charge it, as the effective light time is 4-5hrs per day)

Redodo 12V 400Ah lithium lifepo4 battery

Generator Charging

We suggest that you add an 40A DC to DC charger if you use the generator to charge the battery

Redodo 12.8V400Ah deep cycle battery 12volt
Redodo 12.8V400Ah recycling lithium batteries
Redodo 12V 410Ah lithium deep cycle battery.jpg__PID:31a801e5-52f7-4cec-84f9-27aea72de072

Model comparison

Table header 012V 50Ah12V 100Ah12V 200Ah Pro12V 200Ah Plus12V 300Ah12V 410Ah24V 100Ah
Nominal Voltage12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V25.6V
Charge Voltage14.6V14.6V14.6V14.6V14.6V14.6V29.2V
BMS Board50A100A100A200A200A250A100A
Max. Load Power640W1280W1280W2560W2560W3200W2560W

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