【Save $35】Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery With Low Temp Protection
Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Battery for Trolling Motor
Redodo 12V 100Ah Lithium Trolling Motor Battery vs 12V 100Ah AGM battery: 1/3 weight, 2X capacity
Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery With Low Temp Cut-Off Protection
upgrade BMS conquers harsh environments
Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery With fast 2 hours fully charging time
Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery With installation orientation directions
Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery With Low Temp Protection services
Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery With Low Temp Protection
2 pieces Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries With Low Temp Protection
4 pieces Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries With Low Temp Protection

【Save $35】Redodo 12V 100Ah Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery With Low Temp Protection

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【Best Trolling Motor Battery】Redodo presents the specially upgraded 12V 100Ah battery with low-temp charging cutoff protection, featuring advanced enhancements in BMS, structure, and process. More faster, stable and safer during usage. Perfectly tailored for trolling motors of 30-70lbs. 

【One Replace 2 AGM Batteries, Double Runtime, 2/3 Weight Saved】With a remarkable usable capacity of 101Ah-105Ah, Redodo 12V 100Ah deep cycle lithium battery surpasses traditional 12V 100Ah AGM batteries(with a discharge depth of ONLY 50% and weight about 62lbs) by delivering twice the runtime. What's more, it sheds a whopping 40 pounds in weight, greatly increases the speed of the boat. 

【Low Temperature Protection & Maximum Current 300A within 5S】The upgraded BMS supports automatic cutting off of charging when the battery temperature is lower than 32°F (0℃), and automatically resumes the charging process when the temperature is higher than 41°F (5℃), even in cold conditions This also ensures that the battery is protected from damage. At the same time, it supports 300A current in 5S and 500A current in 1S, which is faster and more maneuverable on the water. 

【Upgraded BMS can Withstand Harsh Marine Environments】 The upgraded BMS adds additional pre-charge functions, automatic recovery after protection, and enhanced moisture-proof, and salt-spray anti-levels, whether you are sailing in calm or rough waters, you can trust that Redodo batteries will always provide stable performance. 

【Grade A Cells & 8X Longer Battery Life】 Redodo 12 volt 100ah lithium battery is made of high-quality Grade A cells, supports 4000+ deep cycles @ 100% DOD (15000 cycles @ 60% DOD), and has a 10-year service life , while the service life of AGM batteries is only 2-3 years and 200-500 cycles, Redodo deep cycle batteries will provide 3 times the life and 8 times the cycle time, making it the most worth investing in deep cycle batteries. 

【Maximum Expansion up to 20.48kWh】Redodo 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery can be expanded up to 4P4S to obtain a 48V (51.2V) 400Ah battery pack, which can provide 20.48 kWh energy (20.48kW power output) and can be widely used in RVs, solar systems, and off-grid , camping, home backup power supply, etc. 

【5 Years Warranty & 24 Hours One on One Service】Redodo offer each battery with 5 years warranty and 24 hours one on one service. If you have any other questions on your energy system, please feel free to contact for more info, we will always be here.
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Batteries That Impress Users from All Walks of Life

Added two 100 amp hour batteries and 400 watts of solar to my RV.  So far, the batteries are performing perfectly.  Lightweight and easy to install inside the bench seat of our dinette.


Fish all day,had power all day still had more than half the battery left.

—— John

I purchased the group 31 100ah battery for my trolling motor. So far I’ve had it out 4 times in the March wind and it’s done more than perfect! I liked it so much I went ahead and got a 50AH to run my boat electronics.

—— Bryan

Unlock Boundless Performance, Meet Your Best Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

With up to 200% longer runtime and less than 40% of the weight of AGM batteries, Redodo lithium deep cycle marine battery allow you to enjoy more time on the water without worrying about running out of power. Our upgraded BMS empowers motors with higher load capacity and corrosion resistance, ensuring unshakeable reliability even in the toughest waters.

Redodo 12V 100ah battery lithium marine batteries

Extend Your Fishing Adventures —— Longer Runtime Keeps You on the Water for as long as You Want

When using traditional lead-acid batteries, if you're out trolling on the lake all day, you may notice a significant decrease in charge, and your  trolling motor become slower and harder to run. However, with the Redodo lithium marine batteries, your motor won't encounter any trouble. With a usage rate reaching 100%, it maintains a consistent high speed from 100% to 0%, keeping your trolling motor in optimal condition at all times and allowing you to stay on the water longer.

Redodo 12V 100Ah lithium trolling motor battery

Each Battery Weighs Approximately 1/3 of the AGM Battery being Replaced

The weight reduction will be a major advantage for the boat, this enables the boat to maneuver more nimbly on the water, reaching higher speeds, and enhancing the overall smoothness and comfort of the ride. Additionally, it helps reduce the shaking and bumping sensation caused by waves or uneven lake surfaces.

Redodo best trolling motor battery 12V 100Ah

5x Quicker Charging than Traditional Lead-acid Batteries!

Redodo 12v 100ah marine battery for trolling motor

Provide Stable Power for Different Types of Trolling Motors

Redodo 12V 100Ah best battery for trolling motor

Upgraded BMS Unleashes Superior Performance

Increased Load Capacity, Enhanced Corrosion Resistance!

Redodo best trolling motor battery
Redodo 12V 100ah trolling motor battery with low temp protection

Battery Lifespan Exceeds Your Expectations and Provides Years of Reliable Performance

Redodo 100ah best lithium batteries for trolling motors

Embrace Energy Independence
Harness the Power of our Expandable Home Off-Grid System, up to 20.48kWh Capacity

Redodo 12V 100Ah battery for offgrid
Redodo 12V 100ah best troll motor battery
Redodo 12V 100Ah battery for rv, offgrid

Highly Recommended After Professional Testing

Capacity test>104Ah

Temperature charge cutoff function works properly

Capacity test>105Ah

The continuous discharge current of 100A passed the test


Cell Type:
Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery
Cycle Life:
4000 times (25°C,0.2C,100% DOD)
Nominal Voltage:
Rated Capacity:
Max. Expansion (Parallel & Series):
Internal Resistance:
Max. Continuous Output Power:
Max. Continuous Charge Current:
Max. Continuous Discharge Current:
Max. Discharge Current 5 Seconds:
Charge Method:
Charge Voltage:
Recommend Charge Current:
20A (0.2C)
Charge Temperature:
0℃ to 50℃ / 32°F to 122℉
Discharge Temperature:
-20℃ to 60°C / -4°F to 140°F
Storage Temperature:
-10℃ to 50°C / 14°F to 122°F
Low-Temperature Protection:
Low-Temperature Charging Protection Auto Recovery:
5°C/41°F(Battery Temperature)
M8 Terminals
Weight Approx.:
22.15 Pounds
L13*W6.77*H8.43 inch
Housing Material:
ABS (Flame Retardant Plastic)
Protection Class:


Q: How long can a Redodo 12V 100Ah low-temperature battery support a 60A trolling motor?


The amount of time your trolling motor will run depends on the battery's capacity (Ah) and the motor's current draw. You can calculate it using this formula:

Run Time (hours) = Battery Capacity (Ah) / Motor Current Draw (A).

For example, if your trolling motor draws 60A at full throttle and you have a 100Ah battery, the calculation would be: Run Time = 100Ah / 60A = 1.66 hours, which is approximately 1 hour and 39 minutes (Full speed).

Q: Can the Redodo 12V 100Ah low-temp lithium trolling motor battery used on an RV?


Yes, this battery can also be used on the RV as a house battery, it with low-temp cut-off protection which is able to prevent the battery from being charged below 32℉.

Q: What's the difference between the Redodo 12V 100Ah low-temp battery and the mini battery as well as the regular 12V 100Ah battery?


The main differences between the 12V 100Ah low-temp battery between the other 12v 100ah lithium ion battery are the low-temp protection and the physical dimensions. However, the capacity and power of these batteries are the same.

Q: Can I mount the Redodo 12V 100Ah low-temp battery on its side?


It's recommended to install the battery upright with terminal bolts facing up, but it’s also acceptable to mount it on its side. However, the backside and top sides of the 12V 100Ah marine lithium battery are not allowed to be placed downwards.

Q: Will the Redodo 12V 100Ah low-temp battery cut off the discharging when the temperature drops below 32℉?


No, the low-temp protection function only cuts off battery charging, it won't influence the battery discharging.

Q: What are the differences between Self-Heating and Low-temperature protection batteries?


These two series focus on addressing the charging challenges of LifePO4 lithium batteries in cold weather conditions. The primary distinction between the Low-Temperature series and the Self-Heating series is the inclusion of an automatic Battery Management System (BMS) heating module. The Self-Heating series enables the battery to warm itself up during charging without requiring any user intervention. In contrast, the Low-Temperature Protection series, such as the Redodo 12V 100Ah TM & Redodo 12V 200Ah, automatically halts charging if the temperature falls below 0°C (32°F). To resume charging, you need to take measures to warm the battery, such as moving it to a warmer indoor environment, until it reaches at least 5°C (41°F).

For more information, see the comparison of Redodo Self-Heating vs. Low-Temperature Protection.


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