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Powering Passion: How Redodo Batteries Transformed an Angler's Tournament Experience

May 20, 2024

My name is Allan Aubert. I live in New Hampshire where I'm a safety instructor and power equipment trainer. Living here has its challenges,  Super hot and super cold months. From the months of April to November, I do competitive bass fishing.

Redodo lithium battery for kayak

As I upgraded electronics through the years I noticed a lack of power in my batteries. I couldn't get 10 or 12 hrs of use from them. That concerned me because I'm a sponsored angler and need reassurance my batteries won't fail. I've had lead acid and glass mat batteries that left me high and dry consistently. There's nothing worse than having to toss your fish so they don't die because your batteries have no power for the live wells.


Scrolling up and down media platforms for more education on lithium batteries, in 2023 I stumbled upon Redodo Power. Hours of research and endless videos... I kept seeing all the same components in Redodo and all the other big names. So I reached out to them. Within 24 hours I received a reply. What I found remarkable is I did this 5 or 6 times to see how they would respond.

Every single time I got a response. Seeing they had grade-A cells and b.m.s (battery management system), good customer service, I said ok let's give them a go.


Not only are they more Ah than advertised, but they were at a remarkable price point and so incredibly lightweight. Not to mention the warranty.

I now purchase 3 100ah self-heating battery for my trolling motor and 1 200ah for my 5 graphs.

Redodo lithium battery for trolling motor


That 200ah runs 5 graphs, 5 transducers, 4 pumps, 2 power poles, and 2 oxygenators for the live wells. Now mind you a tournament is 9 hrs. All of it runs on Redodo. Here are some photos where I show you some readings from a tournament in 2024. These batteries have never let me down, not even close! I tell everyone I can how wonderful they are for many many reasons.

I'm Redodo Power USA for life.

      Redodo 12V 100ah self-heating battery

Figure 1: 1 12V 200Ah self-heating battery runs 5 graphs, 5 transducers, 4 pumps, 2 power poles, and 2 oxygenators for the live wells.

Figure 2: 3*12 100Ah Self-heating Battery, after 11 hours of use on the trolling motor, 15% of capacity was consumed.