Customer Stories

Redodo Lithium Batteries: Powering a Truck Driver's Sustainable Van Life in Finland

May 10, 2024

Hi my name is Olari and I live and work in Finland as a truck driver. I live in a 2018 Reno master van witch I build out as my home. I live in the van full time. I lived in it for the past 4 years.

My van is fully insulated, I have a kitchen area, a bathroom and full solar system. When I first build my old van I bought 2 lithium solar batteries from a different company. The batteries did not work properly and I had to send them back and get my money back.

So I started to look for a new battery and after looking around I saw Redodo batteries. After reading some great reviews I decided to buy one. I also send a message to the company about the batteries and the replies were fast and fantastic. Redodo customer service is fantastic. The delivery was very fast. 

After installation the battery worked perfectly.I ordered the 200Ah battery. The battery powered everything I need in my van. It never gave me any problems. So after almost 2 years I decided to buy another 200Ah Redodo battery. So now I have 2 Redodo lithium 200Ah batteries in my van and they are working perfectly. I’m very happy with the batteries. They have a great customer service and have always answered my emails. Thanks Redodo.