Customer Stories

To all avid PV and solar island users

Oct 21, 2022

My name is Robert, I am from Carinthia, Austria and have been operating a small self-sufficient PV system for 2 years.

Since I'm not satisfied with the capacity of lead/gel solar cells due to slow absorption, low performance when charging via PV, and I have so little energy available, have to find a better solution here asap. When I searched I stumbled across REDODO's Lithium Storage when looking for more efficient and cheaper storage. Here I immediately noticed promising product data and a very attractive battery design! ! !

There, I immediately ordered a 12V/300Ah (with 200Ah BMS) lithium battery from REDODO. This was delivered to me within a few days of placing the order.

The product is well packaged and undamaged. It's a pity that BMS does not support Bluetooth to read lithium batteries! ! !

After a testing phase with frequent charging and discharging, I was able to determine that the battery's performance corresponded to the listed product data.

To get results faster, I tested with an energy meter, which I alternated with a washing machine (2,100 Wh input power), hair dryer (970 Wh low input power) lighting (70 Wh) to measure consumer power.

Taking into account the efficiency of the inverter, the LifePO4 battery provides 3,550 watts of power.

A great result for me! The product is definitely recommended! ! !
Then I ordered 2 more lithium batteries of the same type from REDODO. I've been using 3 lithium cells in parallel for 2.5 months and this has saved me 3.7 kW/hr (average), which is 50% of my daily electricity usage.

So this opens up a whole different dimension for me, this part is self-sufficient and usable and also very important in the event of a power outage!

Of course I don't get as much sun in winter and foggy seasons!

I would love to know what experience and results I will have during the year.

And in winter I have time to think about expanding the storage capacity too! ! !

I'll tell you about my experience in time...! ! ! !

Hence the idea to do something good for the environment with my small PV stand alone system! ! !

My PV System Data
12 solar modules - total output 1.7 KW/h peak

1 Piece VICTRON - Phoenix Inverter 12V/3000VA Continuous Power

3 pcs VICTRON – MPPT Solar Charge Controller

3 x 12V/200Ah lead/gel solar batteries with 2,400 Wh (7,200 Wh) each

3 x 12.8V/300Ah LifePo batteries, 3,840 Wh each (11,520 Wh total) from REDODO

1 12V battery switches between Lithium and Lead/Gel battery packs.