Redodo Lithium Battery review

Let me start by saying that this is my first venture into the world of solar panels and batteries.

I live in a rural area, and I wanted an off grid backup solar system. Now I have two!
After much research, I decided to buy and invest  in a couple of Redodo LIFEPO4 batteries. The batteries arrived in excellent packaging and  had a nice white plastic color and a clear instruction packet.

As  I didn't know too much about solar, I wrote to Redodo customer service and asked for some advice.  
I was  was blown away by their amazing  fast response.  Every email question I had, was instantly responded in detail by the next morning.  Their customer service is better than most any American based company I've dealt with.

One very nice feature about their support, is that a support agent  seamed to be assigned to my account, so that as the correspondence continued, a person named Susan was aware of what I had asked  and what was discussed, and I didn't have to start from scratch with a new customer service agent with each email.  A common sense  little thing, which made  communications and learning a pleasure.
Very quickly, Miss Susan"  and Redodo became a source of help and knowledge for me, as I moved along in to this new solar venture.
From recommending the type of battery charger, to calculating how much electric storage, I wrote to Redodo to help me answer the many questions I had.  They have without a doubt,  the best customer service I have come across in years!  They have been the most friendly, helpful, patient and attentive to my learning curve. No wasted time with annoying  Robo-AI phone calls.  

When ever I had a question,  I sent off an email, and the response would come from a human, by the next morning.
*AFTER SALES SERVICE.. What happens when there is a problem?*
I actually had one problem where a battery went bad and no longer worked. I was concerned as  LifePO4 batteries are not cheap and are designed to last for thousands of cycles, which is several years!
I  wrote to customer support and explained the problem and braced myself for how they would handle it.   
After trying a couple of tests, they confirmed to me that there was indeed a problem with it, and sent me a return shipping label immediately to ship the defective battery back to their California warehouse.
Within a couple of days they sent me a new replacement battery!  A huge relief to know that this company stands by their customers and product!

Several months later, I now have  purchased a  total of ten 200 AH Redodo batteries (formerly named Zooms) and  everything I need to run my back up systems.  I am running a 48 Volt solar system with 8 Redodo  200 AH batteries with a 6KW inverter and MPPT controller wired in to a generator switch panel, which is connected to my main  electric home panel. This feeds 240 Volts and 120 Volt appliances and rooms. This way I can select which rooms or appliances I want on solar/battery, and can switch back with the flip of a switch to grid.  I also  put together  also a second smaller  24 Volt solar system , with 2KW inverter and MPPT and two Redodo 200 AH batteries.

In conclusion, I quickly realized that when buying LIFPO4 batteries, the price of the battery is one consideration, but also the company you are buying them from is super important and how accessible they are to their customers.  Because if/when  you do  need help or have a question, you will be needing company support.

I hope my personal  experience regarding Redodo batteries,  helps answer some questions one may have, regarding buying a battery from  Redodo.